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Pawhuska, Oklahoma

Weekend getaways are a must for me. I love going somewhere, making a quick trip out of it, and packing in lots of things. The past three weekends I have been in Oklahoma. Yes, three in a row, and no, I did not go to the same place each time. This weekend was with my family in Pawhuska, for Mother’s Day.

The trip was really quick, I was only in town Saturday and Sunday. We went and stayed in a cute Bed & Breakfast, saw where the Pioneer Women (Ree Drummond) films her TV show, ate some yummy food and relaxed! It was so fun.

My pictures are split into group based on location, because the trip was so short I don’t have many pictures, but got some good ones.

The Oilman’s Daughter….


The Lodge….

The Swinging Bridge….

Also, I didn’t take pictures of the food.. I was too busy eating it all, ha. But….

At the Pioneer Women’s Mercantile, I ate Chicken Parmesan. It was yummy, I suggest ordering the half order if you’re not super hungry though, because my full order was bigger than my head size and soo much food.

For breakfast/snack we had pastries from the bakery. The bakery is located upstairs in the Pioneer Women’s Mercantile. We got a mixture of almost everything, so we could all share! Some of the yummy pastries were… Lemon Bars, cinnamon rolls, blueberry scones, snickerdoodle cookies, and a bourbon pecan sticky bun. SO GOOD!!! I recommend all of it 🙂


All in all it was a super fun and quick getaway with my family, and I loved us all being together. I hope you enjoyed! And who knows maybe you’ll venture out to the sweet little town of Pawhuska and know just what to do.

Also, let me know if you like these photos comment or Direct Message me on Instagram. I love hearing your feedback!! 🙂

– KaGie 🙂

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