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At Home Training with Rosie (Quarantine Edition)

Rosie just turned 6 months old this past weekend, and let me tell you… she is growing growing growing! With that comes training. At home training hasn’t been quite what mom and I had planned when we got Rosie, but it definitely has been a laugh. From watching youtube videos… to asking friends… to quizzing trainers we are reaching out to all the resources.

*We are by no means professionals, just doing what we feel will work/what is right for Rosie!*

Bell Training

This has been my favorite, so I am putting it first. The bell is for potty training. We are currently teaching Rosie that every time she has to go outside, she rings the bell and then goes to potty. The one thing we didn’t realize was that we had watchers. By training Rosie to do this, we also trained one of our cats who has mastered ringing the bell.. yes ringing it. Then he screeches to go outside. (anyone know how to un-train a cat?)

Sit, Down, Stay, Come


These commands are a work in progress. Rosie has been training very well and loves to please. We work with her a little each day, in an area of the house with no distractions. She has sit perfect. We work with this one a lot, whether it’s after she rings the bell to go outside, before she gets a treat, or before we let her get on any furniture. Down is another one she loves! Laying down is her favorite, ha. Stay and come depend on her mood… she loves to be right next to people so she doesn’t like to stay when we are walking away. Then almost the opposite happens once she finally stays, when we say come she doesn’t always come. She needs to come on her own terms, when she says, ha. So we are working on those last two!



Rosie loves to give hugs. She needs to be face to face with whoever is near so she can have all the love and attention. This has led us to teaching her off. Not everyone loves when a big puppy runs at them full force then jumping to try and get face to face with them.. this is a foreign concept to Rosie so it’s taking a while.

Again, training from home was not what we had planned for Rosie, but it has led to a lot of creativity and fun moments. Every day is another day towards our end goal of being fully trained, and it has been so fun to see how far she’s come even in the short amount of time that we’ve had her!

Let me know what other blogs you want to see in the future for Everything’s Rosie! Comment below, Dm me on instagram, or email me at I love to hear your input!

Happy Monday! Woof 🐶

– KaGie and Rosie ♥

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