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Rosie Q & A | feat. my mom

Last week I introduced this new section to my website : Everything’s Rosie! Since then I have put question boxes on my Instagram and told you all to send me questions so we can let you all know about Rosie and Everything’s Rosie. My mom is joining me today on the blog to help answer all of your questions, so let’s dive right in!

*These questions arent in any specific order, just how we saw them!*


Q: What’s her favorite color?

A: Mom – Rosie loves all shades of pink. Her leash and collar are both pink.

Q: What’s her favorite toy?

A: KaGie – A tennis ball for sure, but she does love her two toy coffees (Because I trained her well, ha!)

Q:What kind of dog is she?

A: Mom – Bernese Mountain Dog  + Poodle = Bernedoodle!

Q:Where did you get her?

A: Mom – From an AMAZING breeder in Tennessee!

KaGie – If you’re interested, email me at – we think she’s the best!

Q:Are there specific dog breeds that do better as therapy dogs?

A: Mom – There are several, but they need an even temperament and a sweet, loving, and affectionate personality, so it often times comes down to meeting the dog in person, not just going off of the breed.

Q: How did you choose her as “the one”?

A: KaGie – Mom knew she loved Bernese Mountain Dogs, and decided to do a doodle due to their hypoallergenic trait. We found a breeder that had a 4 month old puppy and she was able to see her personality and temperament within those months, so we knew she just had to be the one. Plus, she’s super cute!

Q: How old is she?

A: KaGie – A couple days ago she turned 5 months old!

Q: What is a therapy dog?

A: Mom – A dog that has been trained and certified to go and provide love and support to adults or children in times in need. They are most commonly seen in hospitals, hospices, or schools.

Q: What is her daily routine?

A: Mom – She wakes up every day around 6:45am, goes outside, then back into bed with me until I need to get up. She’s loving these quarantine days in bed! Then she goes and eats breakfast, plays with her sister and gets fresh air. Fast forward, in the afternoon she trains with us, and then hangs inside with us until it’s time to go curl up in bed before she goes to sleep around 9pm.

Q: Why did you choose to get a dog and make him/her a therapy dog?

A: Mom – I really want to help comfort people in a time of need and be able to give back to the organizations that have helped so much throughout the years. This has been a long time dream of mine.

Q: Whats her favorite thing to do?

A: KaGie – HUG! Once she sees one of us she always runs up to us and wraps her arms around us like she’s giving us a hug. We are currently working on training her to only do that when told “hug,” that way she doesn’t just run around jumping on everyone.

Q: How often will we see stories about her therapy?

A: KaGie – Honestly not sure! Since she isn’t trained yet, we aren’t sure how often she will be working as a therapy dog or where. We definitely know where we want her, so it is just a matter of praying and seeing if it’s Gods will for her to go to a certain place. I will definitely be sharing the stories, to the best of my ability once she begins.

Q: Will you document her training on Everything’s Rosie?

A: Yes of course! With everything going on right now, her formal training has been put on hold and she can’t get certified fully until she is one. This means at home training is a must, so I would love to document that if it’s something you all would like to see. But to answer in short, once she can formally train I will document it here and on my Instagram! So follow me on Instagram, linked at the bottom, to see more behind the scenes of Rosie and her at home training.

And that concludes our Q + A!!! I hope this answers the questions you had about Rosie and Everything’s Rosie. Thanks to my mom for hopping on today and letting me interview her. If you all have any more questions don’t hesitate to ask! Comment below, email me for specifics about therapy dogs/breeders at, or message me on Instagram @thelifeofkagie.

Check out my blog from last week where I introduce Rosie and her new section on my website: Everything’s Rosie Introduction


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