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5 Things God Taught Me My Senior Year

High School. What a time. Honestly some days felt like it was flying by, and others felt like it was dragging on forever. God taught me so much in High School about myself and about Him. My senior year specifically was a MAJOR learning year for me; it tested my faith, pushed me, challenged me and bettered me. So I want to share with you 5 things God taught me my senior year! This isn’t everything I learned, but it’s my top 5!

1. It’s okay that your not there (FOMO can be avoided)

Philippians 4:19 “and with all His abundant wealth through Christ Jesus, my God will supply all your needs.”

This is the verse I turn to when I’m wishing I was “there.” “There” is the party you decided not to go to, the group of friends you see together on social media and realize you weren’t invited to; it’s the place you wish you were at or wish you were invited to. This can be so hard, when you realizing your missing out. But let me tell you, God’s timing is perfect. He has a plan, and if you aren’t there.. no matter how hard it might be, He has his reasons and it’s for the better. God will supply everything you need, and sometimes we don’t need everything we think we do.

2. Nothing lasts forever

This one is specifically towards relationships for me. I had a pretty bad breakup this year, recently actually, I won’t go in to detail about it, but it really tested my faith. Nothing lasts forever, everything in this world is temporary. Sometimes we just need to take a step back and realize that this isn’t forever. We have eternity with God waiting for us!!

• For those going through some heartbreak with something ending unexpectedly…

I can say, through experience, God doesn’t put you in any situation that you can’t handle. He is with you every moment of every day. You will get through this and you’re not alone!

3. Not everyone will like you & that’s okay

This one is hard. Everyone wants to feel accepted. It took me a while to learn that I can’t please everyone and I can’t make everyone like me. I know now, I need to do what’s best for me, and sometimes that means having people not like me and just moving on from it.

“If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first.” John 15:18

Even Jesus says it’s okay. He went through it too, so we can.

4. You don’t need to have a ton of friends, one is enough

Friends are so important. High school sometimes seems to be a competition of who has the most friends and who knows the most people. This is a game I could never join, let alone “win.” And I’m 100% okay with that. The way I think of it is, be like Jesus. He had 12 dedicated followers, and sooo many more haters or disbelievers. So I’m okay if I don’t have the most friends.. I can succeed with the few true ones I have! But Yes, I did have some friend heartbreaks these past couple of years, but I’m thankful and blessed to say I ended it with some pretty real ones. My best friend in particular, was there with me through every single thing that happened this year, and she’s supported me all the way.

5. You can always stand firm in your faith, with His help

Peer pressure is SO real, and it’s not always bad thing. I dealt with this a lot in one of the classes I was in. Cliques happened, and they were “the people to be.” The teacher loved them, and they got all the attention. This led to them trying to get others (me included) to join them in how they acted, what they did after school, and even in class. I never once did; some of the time it was against my morals and other times I just didn’t want to be in that group. It was really hard, many times I went home crying or mad, because of things they did. This class/group was a major part of my life for all 3 years of high school. I prayed and talked to God so many times to help me make it through, to help me stand firm, to help me keep the faith, and to help me keep believing in Him and that there’s a good outcome of this. And guess what.. I made it. I stood firm in what I believe in. I now am so much stronger in my faith, and closer to God now than ever before.


I hope these things help you or inspire you in your walk! If you have any questions/comments feel free to comment below or Direct Message me on Instagram. I’d love to go into more detail with you or just help you in your walk!! We’re in this together, brothers and sisters in Christ.

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– KaGie 🙂

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