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Asheville, North Carolina

Senior trip!!! This topic was a pretty heavily had one in my family leading up to my graduation. For a while, I didn’t even want to go on a “Senior trip” anywhere. I figured, I travel all the time what’s the difference in this trip than with any other trip I’ll be going on… well I finally decided on Asheville. (And to those who know what Asheville has, let me break your heart now rather than later… no, I did not see the Biltmore, and no, I did not want to)

So why did I go to Asheville? Hiking! Coffee! Downtown! Photography! A nice getaway! I wanted a senior trip that I could just explore and take tons of pictures.. so my mom and aunt joined me and we did just that!!

Here’s a quick look at my trip…

Monday, May 27th


Tuesday, May 28th


Wednesday, May 29th


Thursday, May 30th


Friday, May 31st


Now the good stuff, all the pictures! I will caption each picture with an explanation/where am.

Pisgah National Forest!!! This place has so many great hiking trails and waterfalls to explore


Downtown Asheville !!!


Omni Grove Park Inn


And finally COFFEE.


Overall, this was such a fun Senior trip and gave me great content for my business Instagram. Be sure to check out katiegibbsproductions on Instagram for your photography needs and thelifeofkagie on Instagram to stay up to date on what’s going on with me!!

– KaGie 🙂

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