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Dallas, Texas 2018

The week after New York I was on a plane again going to Dallas, Texas! I went for work with Samaritans Feet, and then added a little play to the end of the trip!

Operation Care International has a HUGE event each year to make Christmas dreams come true each year for homeless children, families, and veterans.  Samaritans Feet donated some shoes to help make the big event even more special!

Of course we had to try some good new food while in Texas! From tacos, to French bakery’s to cheese fries… the food was sooo good

And lastly we stayed at some friends house.. it was great to see them again and see their house at Christmas time.

My first trip to Dallas was a success!! Loved getting to see everyone and enjoy my time in a new city. Now I am back home ready to ring in the new year with some relaxation!

– KaGie 🙂

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