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Everything’s Rosie Introduction

Hello everyone! I am sooo happy to finally be writing this blog. This one has been a long time coming, and I think God is going to do some big things with this! Sooo what am I talking about and what in the world does the title of this blog even mean??

Welcome to a new section of The Life of KaGie called Everything’s Rosie!

What is Everything’s Rosie?

If you follow along with me on Instagram then you know my family recently got a puppy and her name is Rosie! My mom has wanted to get a puppy and train him/her up to be a therapy dog for a long time now. After months of research and prayer, God finally answered and Rosie became part of our life. Our goal is for her to become a therapy dog helping people all over Northwest Arkansas.

God answered our prayers by bringing Rosie into our lives, and the goal we have for her is going to change and help so many lives. While Rosie will be helping as a therapy dog, the doors open for my mom and I to share the gospel.

As a blogger, once we got Rosie, inspiration in me struck! I ended up coming up with the idea for Everything’s Rosie! This will be another section to The Life of KaGie where I will share blogs all about what Rosie is doing. I will take you on the journey with us as we train Rosie, get her ready for therapy, and then once she is out in the world changing lives and helping people!

What started out as my moms dream, has became a super strong passion for both her and I. We both are very excited to get this journey going!

What will this change, if anything?

As far as my blog, only a couple things change! I will be blogging more frequently to give you ALL the content. Everything’s Rosie, Faith and Travel! If you haven’t seen already, there is a new section in the menu separating Rosie’s stuff from my main blog section. Since she is a totally different thing, all her stuff will go in the Everything’s Rosie tab to make it easy!

For my Instagram, only a few little changes. There will be a highlight titled Everything’s Rosie with all the details on it, and some in time pictures of Rosie along this journey. My feed will incorpirate her a lot more too. She is the cutest little thing and to keep up with her, she will be in my content more than any of my other animals have been!

With that being said, sign up for email notifications to the right of this blog! That way you will get notifications for all me new blogs. Also, follow me on instagram @thelifeofkagie to see more content about Everything’s Rosie and see more pictures of Rosie!

I hope you all are as excited about this new thing as I am!! I think this is going to be a very fruitful journey. If you have any questions please comment below, direct message me on Instagram at @thelifeofkagie, or send me an email at My mom will be featured on my next Everything’s Rosie blog to do a Q an A. We will be answering everyones questions about this journey, how we found her, and so much more. So send in questions and stay tuned for that blog!!

– KaGie♥

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