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Happy Happy Home

The news it out.. I have moved! I am so happy to finally be doing this blog and to be able to share just a little sneak peek into my happy little home. This isn’t super detailed, but just a few of my favorite things and corners.

Before will be painting, During will be the decorations and small pieces coming together, and After will be fall decor since that was most recent!


Before moving in there was a lot of painting, trial and error, and vintage finds! From mistake coffee tables to happy days at the lake painting…

Transforming the dresser was probably my favorite part! It was so fun to see the before and after. Details below:


Move in day is almost like a blur now. Happy, stressful, but oh so exciting. Putting everything in its place and adding the beginning touches…

  1. Bedding/Sheets/Pillows: Target

  2. Butterfly pillow: Target

  3. Glass water bottle: Amazon

  4. “Pray All Day” Canvas: At Home

  5. Chanel Bag w/ butterflies canvas: At Home

  6. Chanel Coffee & girl canvas: At Home

  7. Top Knots Quote: Hobby Lobby

  8. Butterfly plant holder/chair: 410 Vintage Market

  9. Be Intentional canvas: Me with The Art of KaGie

  10. Butterfly frame: Plenty Mercantile


Now time to decorate for FALL. I absolutely love fall, so I have to share some of my favorite details that I got to decorate!

  1. Decorative Pumpkin: At Home

  2. Candle: Target

  3. Decorative sunflower: At Home

  4. H – O – M – E: Amazon

  5. Pumpkin with leaves and sunflowers: At Home

  6. Wreath: At Home

  7. Real Sunflowers: The Fresh Market

Anddd that’s a wrap! I hope you all enjoyed this sneak peek into my home! It is still coming together day by day, but I love where it is at currently! If there’s anything I missed in the description, comment below. If you enjoyed this blog, also let me know in the comments below – I’d love to share more home/lifestyle things if you all enjoy them! Let me know what you’d like to see/read more of🏡

For more, follow along with me at @allthingskagie on Instagram.


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