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Joy Q & A

As August is coming to a close, so is the word of the month. JOY. Over this month I hope you have learned and grown in joy and what that’s like in your life. For this last blog of the month I’m answering all the questions you’ve asked me over this month…

  1. How do you find joy in pain?

Finding joy in pain is sometimes hard because we find ourselves questioning God and asking why all the time. One thing that has helped me find joy in pain is remembering Gods love for us. We are his children and he made us in his perfect image. When we have pain, we can go to him and he’ll be right there for us. God wouldn’t put us through anything we can’t overcome, so keep that smile on your face and go to the Lord!

  1. How do you share your joy?

Sharing joy is easy! Once you really have the joy of the Lord in your heart it becomes like second nature to want others to be just as joyous as you. You start to take the extra mile to get people to smile and be happy.

  1. Do you believe joy is contagious?

Yes, I do believe joy is contagious. If you see others living such a happy life and constantly having a smile, you start to question why and you want to be that way. (Side note: when others ask you why you’re so joyous this is a perfect chance to share the love of Jesus with them!)

  1. What if you don’t have joy?

If you don’t have joy, that’s okay! Joy isn’t easy for everyone, and just like anything else you have to work for it every single day. I challenge you to make notecards of bible verses on joy and place them in your room. (If you message me privately I can give you some verses) but this will help you take steps towards being full of joy!

I hope these answers where what you are looking for! I can’t wait to continue this word of the month.. stay tuned for September’s!

– KaGie:)

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