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Life Updates + New Years Thoughts

Hello friends, it's been a while. Life has been busy and the blog has definitely taken the back burner... BUT I am back and here for good!

2022 kinda flew by for me. Honestly it was a blur. A blur of emotions and a blur of work, eat, sleep, repeat. I've spent the first week of this year reflecting on last year, all I learned, how I felt, and how I want this year to be different.

2022 in a little nutshell...

If you follow me on Instagram, then you might have seen I am currently taking a 21 day break from social media. That's right, no social media AT ALL for 21 days. I am on day 10 today and loving it so far. It's been a relaxing few days of my fast refocusing my priorities, taking time to do things I love, and consuming less, A LOT less.

With that, I will be back full of new ideas and content to share on February 6th! I am so excited to get the year going content wise. I have been brainstorming and creating all month long. The Art of KaGie will also be reopening in February as well with some new items and all the old favorites of course.

Here's what to expect from me...


Consistent blogs weekly! Sharing whats on my LTK, a look into my faith journey, books I'm currently reading, travels, and so much more!

Oh and The Puppy Blog will be coming back too! Updates on Olly, Rosie, and Luna as they tackle hip dysplasia, eating issues, and daily life.

Shop my links through LTK

I used my LTK lots last year and it was such a fun platform to connect with you guys! I link a ton of products on there including outfits, home pieces, gift ideas, puppy products and more.


If you ever want to just scroll through some fun pictures, see some mood board inspo, or get daily outfit ideas then my Pinterest is the place for you. I use this app almost daily and it always is a relaxing platform to visually create and plan.

Instagram + Tik Tok Content

Mornings in my life, vlogs, fav places in NWA, Olly and Rosie content and more! These are the two platforms you will see the most content from me on on various pages. So make sure you are following along on all the pages I have that you want to see!


Consistent newsletters giving you a snapshot of all I'm up to! This will be the easiest place to see new blogs, The Art of KaGie events, new product drops, blogs and more will be laid out in a monthly newsletter.

The Art of KaGie

Events, events, events! I hope to attend so many more craft shows and events with my art business. The love and support I got in 2022 was amazing and I just can't wait for more. I will also be focusing more on online sales and local drop offs and pickups. I will be redoing that section of the site soon and making sure it is easy to shop and see all my products.

Well friends, that is all for now!

I will chat with you all soon and see you on socials in February!

xoxo, KaGie

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