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Welcome back!

This blog is long overdue but right at God's timing. Happy New Year everyone and welcome back to my blog! For those who are new here I'm KaGie. A lifestyle blogger and small business owner. I'm SO happy you're here! I have updated my website with updated pictures, links, and content... so after you're done reading this blog go check that out.

I have been a little distant on here and on instagram the past few weeks unintentionally, and then very intentional. I am a big believer in posting content that feels right for me and something I am proud of. With that, last year I started to only post when I am proud of the content or feel like I have something to share, rather than just getting a picture or blog up just to get it out there. One of my goals for 2022 is to fall back in love with content creating because for such a longtime I put so much pressure on myself to post on this day, at that time, do this and say that, but none of it brought me joy only stress. So my goal is to fall back in love with creating content and take back my brand. I am in control of everything I do, which sounds obvious but as a creator it can be a blurred line sometimes when you want to please others and at the same time yourself.

So heres what to expect from me:


I will be back to regularly posting blogs, some will be lengthy like this one, others short, and some only pictures of home decor or products I am currently loving with links so you can shop the items. I will have a new blog every week and aim for it to come out on Monday, but no promises! I will be posting on my instagram each time I blog goes up so if you check here on Monday head to my instagram for a blog update.

Instagram content!

I will be back to sharing and posting pictures, maybe not in a full routine of certain days and times like I used to, but with more emphasis on quality over quantity. With instagram comes my All Things Furry + Fluffy page that I do for fun! There you can find lots of animal content and of course The Puppy Blog where I share tips and tricks of puppy life!


The Art of KaGie is reopening THIS MONTH and I am so excited! I have put a lot of work into making this brand, creating good products, and hope you all love them as much as I do. I'll be offering custom designs and pre sketched designs that I've already created. Everything is handmade or hand designed by me!

And thats it for now! :) Thank you all for supporting me and joining me on my journey through life. KaGie is a brand that is always evolving and growing just like me, so thank you all for going with the flow.

See you next week with a new blog!



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