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New York City 2018

“Christmas city in New York City is just magical. Something everyone needs to experience”

This December I went to New York with my aunt, mom, and close family friends. This trip was so fun to see all the lights and so cool to just experience the magic of the city in December.

*I am sharing pictures not only taken by me but the people I went with…

After school I rushed to the airport on a direct flight to New York… where the fun weekend began.

The days were spent shopping holiday markets

And the nights window shopping and looking at all the AMAZING window designs

From Radio City Music Hall to Broadway, we watched super cool Christmas additions of classics

New York has some of the best Christmas decor in my opinion. It is BEAUTIFUL to see all the lights, Christmas trees and so much more

We ate soooo much good food as well… (these are for all my foodies)

And lastly… of course was the visit from SANTA in Macy’s

In the end, the weekend was filled with so much laughter, smiles, and endless memories. I am so happy to finally share this blog with you all and I hope you enjoy it!

– KaGie 🙂

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