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OKC Coffee Bucket List 2019

For those who follow my instagram page, you know I love coffee. I am almost always at a coffee shop or trying to find the nearest one to me. From devotionals with cell group leaders, to study sessions late in the afternoon, to sweet friends just wanting to chat, to a quick grab and go… coffee shops are a major part of my life. With that, here’s my favorite Bucket List for OKC.. coffee shops!


**Three things before we get into it. Please skip if you read the last blog in the series!

First, I LOVE Oklahoma City and I’ve been here a lot of times. This series is a fresh list of places that I haven’t been to. I’ve either heard about them from people here, seen them on social media, or I’ve passed them since I’ve been here!

Secondly, with that in mind, there are sooo many places that won’t be on this list, so don’t feel like this is all there is here. Trust me, it’s not even a dent. OKC is soo big and I’m learning new things and about new places every day!

Thirdly, this list is NOT in a specific order of which is best or which I want to try first. It’s random.**

Seven OKC Coffee Shops I Want To Try

Pictures from each desination and links to their website and instagram if available!

Cuppies & Joes ( 

Oklahoma Coffee Roasters ( 

Coffee Slingers ( 

Clarity Coffee ( 

Cafe Kacao ( 

Elemental Coffee ( 

Leaf + Bean ( 

Make sure you’re following me on Instagram to stay up to date on when I am knocking out this coffee bucket list! Shots from the place and what coffee I ended up ordering will be all on my Instagram. So stay tuned!!


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