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OKC Nature Bucket List 2019

I love nature. Nature for me has always been a place that I can see and hear God, no matter what. He created all the rolling hills, every stream of water, and placed every tree where He wanted it. It all has a purpose. That brings me peace, when I can just go, and sit surrounded by the beauty of God. Reminding myself just as He made nature in his image, He made me in His image too.


**Three things before we get into it. Please skip if you read the last two blogs in the series!

First, I LOVE Oklahoma City and I’ve been here a lot of times. This series is a fresh list of places that I haven’t been to. I’ve either heard about them from people here, seen them on social media, or I’ve passed them since I’ve been here!

Secondly, with that in mind, there are sooo many places that won’t be on this list, so don’t feel like this is all there is here. Trust me, it’s not even a dent. OKC is soo big and I’m learning new things and about new places every day!

Thirdly, this list is NOT in a specific order of which is best or which I want to try first. It’s random.**


5 Nature Spots I Want to Explore

Lake Hefner


While no swimming or camping is allowed, this huge lake is a special spot. Surrounded by a park filled with sports fields, playgrounds, picnic facilities, gold and trails to walk run or bike.

Wheeler Ferris Wheel


Overlooking the downtown skyline it stands above the Oklahoma River and only 2 miles from Bricktown. This Ferris wheel makes perfect spot for pictures, and a fun outing!

Bricktown Canal


Take a 40 minute boat ride with the brick town water taxi. The boats run every 10-15 minutes, and take you ti see all the sights of  Bricktown.

Myriad Botanical Gardens and Crystal Bridge Tropical Conservatory


Just Luke it sounds, this is a wonderful garden including a restaurant, water features, children garden area, and a dog area. With monthly gardens walking tour (last Saturday of each month) to get to see all the sights.

Will Rogers Park and Gardens


Not just a beautiful park and garden, but a destination for gardening classes and more all throughout the year. Perfect for walks/bike rides, photoshoots, and more.


Make sure you’re following me on Instagram to stay up to date on when I am knocking out this nature bucket list! I definitely will be staring soon and can’t wait to take pictures at each of these spots.

-KaGie 🙂

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