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Seattle, Washington 2019

My Television class goes on a lot of competitions in the school year, but the Student Television Network (STN) competition is my favorite one. This year we got to travel all the way to Seattle, Washington for a week of competition.

This trip was so much fun, with minor rollercoaster moments. The purpose of the trip is not to go and win everything, (while we do wish we do!) but to learn how others make videos and see what we could improve on.

Putting all the film and competition talk aside, this trip actually was SOO good for me. God has the perfect timing for things, and this trip was a big example of that.

God knew I needed a break from reality. A break from the chaos of every day life and every day stress. I needed to sit back, see his beautiful creation and get lost in the moments. Making memories.

In Seattle I got to hang out with one of my close friends and explore the great big city! We walked over almost every street in the city and had lots of yummy food! Below I’ll attach some pictures from the trip 🙂


One thing I want you to get out of this blog is that… God has the best timing. Sometimes you just need to sit back and wait for Him. Also, get lost in the moments of life. Enjoy the little things, and share it with your loved ones.

-KaGie 🙂

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