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Single 💔 Taken ❤️ Who Cares?

Valentines Day is over, the stuffed animals and chocolates have came and gone. Another holiday in the books, but how do you feel? Are you sad that you were single another holiday or are you on a sugar high because you have a significant other to share holidays with…. whichever one you are feeling, it’s okay and it’s not important.

God makes it pretty clear, that your relationship status doesn’t matter, it’s not important to Him and shouldn’t change who you are.

Here’s what God has to say…

Single –

Make Jesus your great treasure…

Don’t put your all into a relationship, don’t think of it as something that will complete you. The only thing that can complete you is God, and you should make him your great treasure. He should be who you aspire to have a relationship with, who you try to please, and who you try to spend your free time with.

Don’t forget what you’re called to do…

We are called to make others disciples of God, as said in Matthew 28:19. We aren’t called to be in a relationship or date. Sometimes we loose focus of what we’re put on earth to do. We are called to make the name of Jesus known to the world.

God knows what you need…

Don’t underestimate the power of God. He knows everything. He created you and knows every single inch of you. He knows what you need, even before you need it. So be patient. He will give you what you need when you need it.

Taken –

Bring it all to God…

You’re relationship should be grounded on God. He is the center of your relationship and should remain a priority no matter what is going on.

This is a chance to grow…

You have a partner in life and this is an opportunity to have another perspective on things. You get to bounce ideas off of them, they get to push you, challenge you and make you the best version of you. Take advantage.

Are you equally yoked?

2 Corinthians 6:14 makes it pretty clear to not be unequally yoked. This means non-believer with believer. This can be hard sometimes, but it’s for your best interest. Your relationship is meant to push you closer to God, so if you aren’t equal spiritually then you’ll only fall far from God.

That’s a lot to take in if you struggle with your relationship status. A quote to take away from this is …. “You have a purpose regardless of your relationship status!” It doesn’t define you, what defines you is that you’re a child of God. You matter with or without a significant other! You can do so much with or without a significant other!

Stay strong, know you are loved by God and that’s all you need!

– KaGie 🙂

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