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Staying dedicated in your passions

Dedication can be hard, but the devil wants us to think it’s way harder than it really is. Our passions are the things we love, so it makes sense for it to be easy to stay dedicated in our passions… but is it always?

To stay dedicated in your passions (for me) means..

  1. Keep learning

  2. You never are done learning. Yes, you might have graduated and are done with school, but the learning never stops. Being dedicated means you stick to always trying to learn new things in that specific area.

  3. Keep growing

  4. Just like learning, there is always room to grow! In your passions you should keep pushing towards growth and trying to become better then who you were yesterday.

  5. Never give up

  6. It may be hard, but if you are truly dedicated.. you won’t give up. God will get you through whatever trials you are in and he will be with you through it all. Never stop. Never give up. Always keep moving forward.

  7. Practice practice practice

  8. Just like the saying goes, practice makes perfect! If you are dedicated, you practice, if you practice you get better. Not everything comes natural to people, and that’s okay. God made us each with special talents to do our passions, but every once in a while we have to actually work for what we want. God is teaching us a good skill… work hard and the reward is that much sweeter.

I hope these little tips towards dedication help! This month is almost over which means the Q and A is next… If you have any questions, comment on this blog or get connected with me through my pinterest or instagram!

-KaGie 🙂

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