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Staying dedicated while traveling

Staying dedicated while traveling is really easy. It means staying committed to him even when you’re away from home, and taking the extra step to hold on to the relationship with Him.

Tips to keep dedicated while traveling:

  1. Daily devotionals !!

This is so important because you need to keep in his Word daily in order to grow. Whether it is your phone giving you a daily one, or opening up your bible each day and reading.. every day counts. It can be 10 minutes or an hour, but staying in His word needs to be a priority.

  1. Prayer !!

This is so easy. COMMUNICATION is key. God loves when we talk to him and loves to hear how we are doing. No matter where you are, prayer is something you can do. Thank him for the blessings his given you, ask for safety on your travel, ask for him to work on you while you’re away from home.

  1. Church !!

This one can be tough sometimes, but I always try to go to church when I am traveling. I’ve been to churches all over the country and even in two other countries. Going to other churches, gives you a different outlook on what you’ve been taught and how others think. It can help you see things differently and sometimes you learn more hearing it from a different perspective.

  1. Reflection !!

When you are done with your day getting ready to sleep, take 5 minutes and reflect on the day. How did you act? How did you showcase God? How did God work on you? How can you do better? These are easy questions that we sometimes don’t think about, but they are so so good. Reflection causes us to figure out our mistakes, or good things, and move forward to become better.

I hope this helps you all stay dedicated while traveling! If you have any questions about how I do it, or anything in general feel free to ask!!

– KaGie 🙂

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