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The Transfer from Seeker to Mentor

I got up, still half asleep, and not ready for the day. I picked up my phone and saw a message from one of my closest friends. As I opened the message, I was so surprised to see what she was saying. It was the sweetest text that I’d gotten in a really long time. She was being very vulnerable in her knowledge of her faith, and asking if I would mentor her, answer her questions, and help her grow in her faith. WOW. I was speechless.

And that’s how I became a mentor in a discipleship relationship.

I often forget two major things regarding this. One, she’s not my age. She is younger than me by almost 3 years. I forget this because she reminds me a lot of myself, and I then I just lump her in with friends my age. Two, people look up to me. As a faith and travel blogger, constantly putting myself and my faith out there… people are watching! I forget that people might need this. I forget that this isn’t something just for me. Blogging, for me, is such a passion. I aspire to share my stories and struggles with others, and show people how Jesus can always be with them day by day no matter where in the world. This leads to me getting so much out of this every day that I forget others are getting stuff out of my blog as well..

…and this friend is in a big way. That humbles me, excites me, and scares me all in one. I have never been a mentor to someone through a discipleship relationship. I want her to get everything out of this that she is searching for, and I want God to be proud of what I am showing her about Him. Whoo… no pressure!

A little background about me, for those who don’t know… 

I have been in many many many discipleship relationships. I started my true first one around the age of 8th grade. It was with my cell group (aka church group) leader, one of my friends, and me! Early in the mornings before school sitting in a coffee shop barely awake, we would get together. As the years went on and a new cell group leader came around, my friend and I kept doing a devotional together just the two of us. Another leader came, and gladly accepted the role of walking up super early and driving across town to meet with us. Bless her. Fast forward and I am meeting one on one with another church leader until I graduated high school. After high school, my discipleship relationships got into a big rut. A rut that I am just now, in my second semester of college, getting out of. Almost a year long rut….

Living in Oklahoma was hard, my relationship with the Lord never struggled and He without a doubt got me out of the worst months of my life yet. While my relationship with Him wasn’t struggling, my community in Him was. I had no people, I knew nobody. I ended up meeting two sweet sweet girls, that I could have community with in the faith. Yet busy schedules led us to always missing each other in person. Thankfully we still talk/text to this day, and encourage each other in Him and in our school! Fast forward and I am back in Northwest Arkansas, with the goal to have a whole new mindset than I had the prior six months. To be intentional, with myself and relationships. The base of this is spiritual. I cannot be intentional without first setting a base in the Lord. So I begin the search and the prayer to find girls that I can do a devotional, drink some coffee, and be vulnerable with in my faith.

Talk about an answered prayer. This close friend that texted me a couple days ago, is my answered prayer. She may not realize it, but she is helping me grow just as much as I am going to help her grow.

I am so excited to start a new devotional with this friend, and will be sharing the journey! I am starting two new devotionals this week, one with this friend as a leader, and another with another close friend mutually. As a courtesy to them, I will only be sharing about the devotional and what I thought/topics we brought up from it! So stay tuned… more to come:)


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