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What’s in My Suitcase? Fall 2019 Gala Getaway

It’s that time a year again, Gala time. If you have been following along with me on thelifeofkagie you know I go to a Gala each year in November with Samaritans Feet. It’s a special night where we celebrate all that we have done in the past year, share stories of how God is moving in us, and just get a reminder that God is ALWAYS working even when we don’t see it.


As I get into the season of traveling more I will be sharing more blogs about what’s in my suitcase, what my go to travel items are, and all things travel! Don’t worry you’ll still get that destination recap and all the pictures 🙂



I LOVE how easy it is to travel with. For a weekend getaway its perfect to throw my stuff in, and then hang up in the room I am staying in once I get to my final destination


My favorite journal I own. I take it with me almost anywhere, and I use it as a diary to document each day. This helps me when doing a recap blog that you all see after my trips!


Since this is a plane ride and not a rode trip, books are needed. I currently am ready the Bob Goff books and love them! I am taking Love Does and Everybody Always with me this trip.


This one comes natural to me. I have sketchbook with me everywhere I go. This trip I’m taking my KaGiesArt one with me, so I can work on more holiday designs. Sketchbooks are perfect for me for plane rides too, no distractions.


Now, I am by no means a fashion blogger or anything of the sorts… but I can’t help but share my favorite item in my suitcase.. my dress!! The theme for the gala is 1920’s so I am going as a flapper girl. I won’t add a picture of the dress yet, so I don’t spoil it but below are the accessories and pieces of jewelry I will be wearing! 1920’s is my favorite decade, so this gala is going to be super fun for me.


For the day of travel I am always in this little coin purse. This little coin purse hold everything I need in it. Then, my wallets can go in my bag and I don’t have to worry about keeping up with them in an airport. The less I carry the better!

There is so much more in my suitcase, but these are things I wouldn’t know what to do without on this trip to North Carolina! I hope you enjoyed.

As always, if you have any questions about these items, where I get them, or anything else.. feel free to comment below or DM me on my instagram. My instagram is linked at the top!

– KaGie♥

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