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City Pump Food Trucks

Welcome back to #NWAwKaGie! Today we are hitting the food trucks in Rogers. My go to food truck spot right now is The City Pump Food Trucks, close to Downtown Rogers. They have so many great options for food ranging from burgers, to noodles, to mac and cheese and more!

The City Pump food trucks hosts events throughout the year and is the perfect place to spend summer nights! It's the perfect place to take you pup and enjoy some time outside with good food and great people!

My order (Pictured above)

mac and cheese from Crows Nest Cafe

a SMK'd burger from The Garage

#17 the Takashimura Special from Takashimura Hibachi

HIGHLY recommend trying a little from each place! Bring a friend and make it a fun shareable meal!

What are the hours?

TUES - SAT 11am to 8pm

What trucks are there?

Takashimura Hibachi

Instagram linked here

Nunas Gorditas

Instagram linked here

Boondocks Grill

Instagram linked here

The Chef's Garage

Instagram linked here

Crows Nest Cafe

Instagram linked here

The City Pump on Instagram

The City Pump on Facebook

If you go to the City Pump use #NWAwKaGie on your posts on socials. I'd love to see your adventures and what food truck you decided to try! For more photos and videos from my time at the City Pump food trucks, follow me on TikTok @allthingskagie and over on Instagram @allthingskagie



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