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Finding Him Through Song : Intro!

Welcome, to probably my most favorite series that I have done yet. “Finding Him Through Song” is about the songs we hear on the radio and sing in church, but just go through the motions of singing them instead of grasping what they are meant for. How many times do you just sing a song in church because that’s what you’re “supposed” to do, and you don’t actually think or reflect about the words you’re singing? If you’re anything like me, your answer is “umm a lot”, and that’s okay!

The past couple of weeks worship songs have been my closest way to be with God, besides prayer. When I listen to worship music, I can lay it all out at the feet of Jesus. My hurt, my anger, my confusion, my pain, my love, my joy, my awe, and my pleasures. All of it can be poured out to him just in a matter of minutes through a nice melody and some words.


This series is going to dissect the songs that I currently have on my playlist, and a few songs you all have mentioned to me through Instagram! I will take the lyrics and go deeper into the meaning of them, and find what good news we can receive from them. Many songs correlate with bible verses that we commonly hear. My hope is that you find a song that speaks to what you are going through in your life right now, and you can carry this song with you in your mind, your speech, your walk, and your prayers.

I pray that through this, and by the end, we no longer sing in church or in our car only because that’s what we are trained to do; but that we can pour out our hearts in worship to a father that loves us and is so so gracious to us.


If you have any songs on your heart that you want me to dive deeper into, feel free to message me on Instagram or comment down below! I would love to chat with you about the song!

Follow @thelifeofkagie on instagram for more!

-KaGie 🙂

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