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How I find joy in traveling

People often find traveling stressful and hard, but for me it’s one of my favorite things to do and I am blessed in that I have been able to see so many different places in the world.

Butttt… Traveling doesn’t have to be stressful, hard, or some exotic place that you have to get on a plane to go to. It can even be a drive up to a new city that’s close and you haven’t visited yet. I find myself always trying to see new places in Northwest Arkansas and loving every second of it.

One reason I think traveling is so important is because God created this entire earth for us! He made every ocean, creature, sunset and mountain… so why not go out, explore and enjoy it!

To break it down here’s how I find joy in traveling, and how you can too!

  1. Step out of your comfort zone (Don’t just stay in your hotel and watch tv get out, explore and meet new people)

  2. Try new things (When you hear that most will think about food. While you should try new food, also try new places to go and try new activities. It’s super easy to just google “fun things to do in…” That is one thing I do no matter where I am, just because the list is always changing and the list never ends)

  3. Take a moment to sit back to take in the beauty and thank God (While a way to find joy in traveling is through doing new things, another part of it is to take a breather. God created this earth and he never gets tired of hearing our thank you – He actually doesn’t hear thank you enough from us. So one thing I enjoy is watching the sunset, either from my hotel room or finding a lake or mountain where I can go and listen to music and just worship with God. I pray and thank Him for the chance to travel and for my fun time there. It is time for me to capture in the full beauty of the place I’m at, and also for God to know I’m not taking advantage of the masterpiece he created)

These few things help me go from stress to relaxation when traveling! I love seeing God’s beauty through all the different places in the world.

So the next time you’re someplace new, day trip or vacation, think of these things!! It’ll help you find joy when traveling instead of stress.


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